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PASADENA, CALIFORNIA, February 01, 2016 — Golden Foundation Group, LLC, (“GFG”) today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Management Works Realty, Inc., a property management company based in Palmdale, CA. The Boards of Directors of both companies have approved the transaction back in November 2015.

After the acquisition, Management Works Realty, Inc. will have merged into Golden Foundation Realty, Inc, a subsidiary of GFG. The combined company will maintain both the Golden Foundation Realty (“GFRE”) and Management Works Realty (“MWR”) brands, offering buyers, sellers, homeowners and renters access to vital information about homes and real estate, and providing services and solutions that help real estate owners, investors and professionals in their transactions.  At closing, MWR owners Walter and Michelle Solo will remain with the company.

“Both companies have been enormously successful in creating compelling brands within its respective markets and deep industry partnerships. This is a tremendous opportunity to combine our resources and achieve even more impressive innovation that will benefit consumers and the real estate industry”, said Kenny C, Managing Partner of GFRE.

Maintaining the two distinct brands will allow the combined company to continue to offer differentiated products and experiences, attract more clients in a diverse market places.


About Golden Foundation Group, LLC (“GFG”)

Golden Foundation Group LLC, through its subsidiaries, provides various Financial and Real Estate services to organizations, individuals and their families in the United States and Asia. It operates in three segments, Asset Management, Real Estate and Development and Consulting. It operates with a proactive mind, flexible outlook, and anticipating changes in the investment environment. In the end, it’s about having disciplined people implementing innovative strategies in a principled way, by people trusting their investment partners to protect their interests, and maximize the value of their holdings, regardless of shifting financial conditions.

About Golden Foundation Realty, Inc (“GFRE”)

Golden Foundation Realty, Inc, a subsidiary of GFG, manages assets and projects in commercial and residential real estate and land development. It provides properties Buy/Sell services, own and manage professional offices, industrial properties, medical office buildings, single family residences and multi-family communities in desirable markets. It focus on target markets or specific sectors where clients can gain a distinctive competency and competitive advantage.

About Management Works Realty, Inc (“MWR”)

Management Works Realty, Inc. is a locally owned and operated property management and leasing company in the Antelope Valley. The dynamic team are experts in all aspects of real estate maximizing their client’s property values for over forty years.

Their leasing department effectively secures outstanding tenants through thorough background checks, extensive advertising, and daily showings. In addition, supervision of proper vacancy preparation allows them to attract the most reliable and qualified tenants. Owners receive consistent feedback and communication on their property during the leasing period.

An experienced management staff provides prompt rental collection and response to maintenance issues for tenants seven days per week. We strive to minimize client’s expenses and provide regular inspections to ensure proper care of your investment. Property owner’s monthly financial reports are readily available on-line through the cloud server management program.


For Inquiries, please email to Investors Relations: info@gfreglobal.com