Fetured House for January 2013

House Maureen Street Managment Works

Lovely living room with adjoining dining and brick fireplace and custom light fixture; master bedroom suite with huge double wardrobe closets, master bath with vanity table and with shower; large tiled den with custom light fixture, glass sliding doors to patio; kitchen with stovetop, dishwasher, lots of pantry storage and double oven; laminate flooring in all bedrooms; central air and swamp cooler; landscaped front and rear yards with large covered rear patio; security system available; 2 car garage with built-in work bench, cabinets and rafter storage; gardening included. $1195 per month. For more information contact Management Works at 661-400-1589. Beware of scams- our company will never ask anyone to wire transfer funds!

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Leasing, New American Dream?

Dream Home Managment WorksThe American Dream … we hear that when we want to do something with our lives and American is suppose to be the place of opportunity right? Well, that is absolutely correct! American does offer for someone to fulfill a dream than most countries. One dream that most people and even most couples in American is to own their own home. Have you thought about renting as an American dream? Yeah renting. Remember a dream is only a dream until it become a vision. Vision gives you purpose and you can plan effectively with realistic goal … I won’t go into vision and purpose, that’s another blog. But renting can be a dream if your plans make it hard to own right now. The following article is a great read if you’re in the place that your have to or want to rent.

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Home rentals — the new American Dream?



Renting in today’s Economy

Renting Management WorksThe question I am always asked, “Is renting better than owning?” That can be a trick question because it depends on the situation. Sometimes people have no choice but to rent because maybe their house was foreclosed or some other circumstance and now they have to rent. Other times renting is good if your job is going to have re-located often. Of course owning is always good because of the tax benefits and the feel-good feeling of having something that is yours. The following article explains quite well why renting in today’s economy is better than buying a house.

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Why Renting in Today’s Economy Is Better Than Buying a House